Upgrade to Pro failed

I tried to update to Virtualmin Pro today from Virtualmin GPL. I typed in the license information into the boxes in the interface and it started, but failed due to an error that the Virtualmin Scheduled Disable plugin had already been installed. That's true, I installed that in the GPL version. I deleted it now, but can't start the upgrade to pro again, because the license information is already active in Virtualmin and I don't have the Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro navigation link anymore. I still need to install the pro version, because now I have no access to all the additional features. What to do now?



The reseller accounts now appeared magically, but how can I make sure everything went smoothly?

Howdy -- sorry for the delay!

Would you like me to log in and take a look? I'd be happy to review your setup and make sure it's working as expected.

Though if the resellers are there it likely is indeed a properly setup Virtualmin Pro that you're seeing there.

I've marked this request as private, if you wish, you can provide login information to your server here -- only the Virtualmin staff would be able to see them.

However, if the System Information screen shows Virtualmin Pro, and the System Settings -> Re-Check Config is showing no problems, then you should be good to go!

Thank you. Seems it worked, any indicator you mentioned is okay. Was just a bit confusing that it failed at first hand and after fixing the problem the pro installer started automatically. Can be closed for now.

Agreed, that is indeed confusing. We'll look into how to improve that, thanks for letting us know!