Virtualmin Bakcups Bug

I have been having an issue with Amazon S3 Backups where the the backup log says that the file has successfully been backed up to my bucket without any files actually entering my bucket. This is an example of what I see:

Creating backup for virtual server .. Copying virtual server configuration .. .. done

Backing up Cron jobs ..
.. none defined.

Creating TAR file of home directory ..
.. done

Saving mail aliases ..
.. done

Saving mail and FTP users ..
.. done

Backing up mail and FTP user Cron jobs ..
.. none to backup

Copying Apache virtual host configuration ..
.. done

Copying SSL Apache virtual host configuration and certificate ..
.. done

Copying Logrotate configuration ..
.. done

Dumping MySQL database taylordixon ..
.. done

.. completed in 3 seconds

Saving Virtualmin configuration ..
.. done

Saving templates and plans ..
.. done

Saving email templates ..
.. done

Saving custom fields, links, categories and shells ..
.. done

Saving custom script installers ..
.. done

Saving scheduled backups ..
.. done

Saving DKIM settings ..
.. not installed

Saving greylisting settings ..
.. not installed

Save mail rate limiting configuration ..
.. not installed

Saving mail server configuration ..
.. done

.. done

Creating final backup archive .. .. done

Uploading archive to Amazon's S3 service .. .. done

1 servers backed up successfully, 0 had errors. 7 Virtualmin configuration settings backed up successfully.

This backup was done on the latest version of Virtualmin. I have 2 other physical servers that are both running the same configuration with the same keys without this problem with one server running the latest version of Virtualmin and the other using 4.13.gpl.

A list of things I have tried to resolve or even understand the problem are the following:

  1. Monitoring bandwidth of the physical server itself when uploading a 100MB site to s3; resulted in seeing now bandwidth increase during the backup

  2. Viewed the Apache logs after a backup; didn't see anything pertaining to backups or s3

  3. Viewed dmesg buffer while running a backup; didn't see anything pertaining to backups or s3

  4. created new buckets and folders for backups to go to.

  5. Tested existing buckets with existing virtualmin backups on my other Physical servers I specified earlier

  6. Used another users IAM keys that had access to my S3

  7. Added my s3 account to virtualmin

  8. Triple friggin checked the bucket path.



That is very unusual - do you have automatic deletion of old backups setup in Virtualmin? Or perhaps some kind of deletion of old files configured in S3?

Also, do backups to other destinations (like an FTP server) work OK?

I did have automatic set deletion virtualmin but I turned that off for testing, along with backups on an other instance of virtualmin that did work. I have manually backed up to the host machine itself, my browser, and through ssh and only s3 hasn't worked.

Edit: I also do not have automatic file deletion of any sort on s3, I have backed up to the same buckets from other sources.

If you SSH into your virtualmin system as root and try uploading a file to S3 with the command virtualmin upload-s3-file , does that work?