PHP update via Webmin

We are about to update PHP to version 5.4 and we are concerned about upsetting other php code on the same virtualmin box. What is the best way to update PHP for a single instance on the server? And is there a reliable roll back if something goes horribly awry? We are using virtualmin 3.78, FreeBSD version 8.0 and currently using PHP version 5.3.8



Howdy -- yeah changing any software versions on a running server is a risk.

Our typical suggestion for handling that is to use CentOS, along with the SCL repository. The SCL repository has the benefit of being able to install a second PHP version side-by-side with the first, and then you can choose which PHP version to use per-domain.

We don't have a recommended or supported method for upgrading PHP on other distros or operating systems, as doing so is a frequent source of problems.

However, I can offer that if you're familiar with compiling and installing software... or if FreeBSD provides a way to install a second PHP version, you could always install a second PHP version, and then tell Virtualmin about that second PHP version.

That would allow you to accomplish something similar to what can be done on CentOS with their SCL repo.