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#1 Wed, 02/17/2016 - 09:57
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Angstrom support

Hi all, are there any plans to support Angstrom distribution? For those who don't knows, Angstrom is an Embedded Linux distribution that is based on OpenEmbedded.

From my point of view the webmin most interesting feature is the net module for configure the network interfaces. I looked the module code, and it seems quite flexible, so the extension could be easy, but unfortunately I don't know perl...

Thank you for your time, Stefano.

Wed, 02/17/2016 - 12:16


It's possible Webmin may work on that distro, though it's unlikely we'll see Virtualmin support in the near future.

Although I haven't tried this personally, it looks like Webmin already works on OpenEmbedded. Depending on how similar Angstrom is, that may already work.


Thu, 02/18/2016 - 02:17
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Thank you for your answer Eric.

Webmin is packed for Openembedded/Yocto Project, but in Angstrom the network configure module doesn't work because it not recognize the Angstrom distribution as a valid distro. The net module fall back to a default value that is the debian behavior and then it search for the /etc/network/interfaces that doesn't exists...


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