Update /Upgrade

1) I'm having problems with updates, also need to upgrade PHP to version 7 or older (Magento 2.01 requires). 2) My CPU is running very high



Howdy -- it sounds like you're seeing multiple issues there. We're happy to help, but we get confused easily... so it's best to keep things to one topic per request.

What issue would you like to discuss here? And then could you open the other issues as separate requests?

Also, what distro/version is it that you're using?

Operating system CentOS Linux 7.2.1511 Webmin version 1.782 We can start with upgrading PHP to version 7 or higher. I tried to submit a bug from my Webmin but I get an HTTP error.

Okay, the SCL repository has a version of PHP 7 in it. Note that I don't know if the newest version of Magento will work with the version of MySQL/MariaDB included with CentOS, you may want to look into that.

However, you can add a second version of PHP to your server using these instructions here:


Thank you for that info, how can I install the version 7? The instraction you sent me are for version 5.5 or 5.5

I was under the impression that there was also a PHP 7.0 version in that repository (which would mean it's just a matter of tweaking the package names that are being installed).

However, upon further investigation that doesn't appear to be the case. The SCL repository does not yet contain PHP 7.0.

Unfortunately, that means we don't yet have a supported way of installing PHP 7. There are some repositories out there which contain it, but we haven't done any testing with them.

I would expect them to add PHP 7 to that repository soon, though I don't know the exact timeframe.

However, reviewing the Magento 2 system requirements, it actually looks like it should work well with PHP 5.5, 5.6, or 7. Magento 2.01 is the only Magento version that supports PHP 7.

I'm seeing that information here:


So maybe you could just install PHP 5.5 or 5.6 from the SCL repository?

I did notice though that the system requirements ask for MySQL 5.6, which isn't something included with CentOS 7, and we don't have a supported way to upgrade to that either though. We're looking into whether that's possible to do, but at the moment if that's something the new Magento requires that could be an issue.

OK, I truly appreciate the information and I hope you will come up with a solution soon, in a meanwhile, I have problem with the following updates:

Package Description Status Source cyrus-sasl The Cyrus SASL library New version 2.1.26-19.2.el7 Base cyrus-sasl-gssapi GSSAPI authentication support for Cyrus SASL New version 2.1.26-19.2.el7 Base cyrus-sasl-lib Shared libraries needed by applications which use Cyrus SASL New version 2.1.26-19.2.el7 Base cyrus-sasl-md5 CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5 authentication support for Cyrus SASL New version 2.1.26-19.2.el7 Base cyrus-sasl-plain PLAIN and LOGIN authentication support for Cyrus SASL New version 2.1.26-19.2.el7 Base kmod Linux kernel module management utilities New version 20-5.el7 Base kmod-libs Libraries to handle kernel module loading and unloading New version 20-5.el7 Base libblkid Block device ID library New version 2.23.2-26.el7 Base libmount Device mounting library New version 2.23.2-26.el7 Base libuuid Universally unique ID library New version 2.23.2-26.el7 Base rsyslog Enhanced system logging and kernel message trapping daemon New version 7.4.7-12.el7 Base systemd A System and Service Manager New version 219-19.el7 Base systemd-libs systemd libraries New version 219-19.el7 Base systemd-sysv SysV tools for systemd New version 219-19.el7 Base util-linux A collection of basic system utilities New version 2.23.2-26.el7 Base Select all Invert selection The installation keeps failing on all of them

I expect things will settle down fairly soon with this, but if you really need PHP 7 you probably ought to take the SCL-style repos from Remi repository -- be careful, there are RPMs in the to REPLACE your PHP version and other RPMS to run alongside -- you want the latter. We've been using the PHP's from the REMI repo - he's doing most of the actual construction of RPM's for SCL - and it's really more straightforward at the moment to just take the php and extras from there. PHP 7 has been working fine for us on CentOS 7 - though a lot of PHP code isn't up to running under 7 yet.

How will we know when SCL repositor have added the support for PHP 7.0 ?

For the other issues that you're having (such as the issues with the updates) -- could you open up a new support request regarding those?

Then we can keep your topics separate. Thanks!