Letsencrypt www host

When requesting a certificate for a virtual domain, virtualmin seems to only request it for example.com. It needs to request it for www.example.com as well. "-d example.com -d www.example.com".

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This has been implemented, for inclusion in the next release.

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It ist possible to get the fix as an hot fix within a single file to fix this asap and not have to wait for the next version?

You can replace the file /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/letsencrypt.cgi (or /usr/libexec/webmin on CentOS) with this updated code : http://pastebin.com/BEsYsreZ

Make sure you've upgraded to Webmin 1.782 first though.

Unfortunately, the file as shown on pastebin is throwing errors... I suspect a part of the code is in there twice (lines 57 to 88). Also, when I remove those, I get a syntax error ner home: on line 53. :(

Oops, looks like I double-pasted. Take a look at the pastebin again now.

Yes! This now works like a charm, without errors :D


just patched letsencrypt.cgi on my production system and it works great

also, followed this guide to get webmin to use letsencrypt (https://blog.valentinvaleanu.ro/certificate-letsencrypt-pentru-webmin-vi...) , it's not english but you can make it out...

only difference is that instead of choosing a virtualhost, in the step before creating the certificate the value for "Website root directory for validation file", I chose "Other directory" and set the value to "/var/www". Webmin now working with LetsEncrypt certifcate :)

Dont understand is there any solution to the above problem?

The fix described above is implemented in the current Virtualmin release (version 5.01). If you're seeing that issue, make sure you have the most recent version of Virtualmin and Webmin available for your distro.