Is there a way to give Virtual Server Administrator the same rights as root (in virtualmin and webmin)

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#1 Fri, 04/03/2015 - 04:59

Is there a way to give Virtual Server Administrator the same rights as root (in virtualmin and webmin)

Hi there,

I created a Virtual Server for my domain with an associated administration user that is perfect for administrating my domain, but when I need to make modification on the system through webmin or modifications on the Virtual Servers (create, delete....) I can't do it with my domain administration user, I have to log on webmin/virtualmin using root to be able to do all these modifications.

So I'm wondering wether it's possible or not to make a virtual server administrator able to do everything in webmin/virtualmin, exactly as root is able to do.

I already tried 2 methods, but without success : - create a webmin account from a copy of root, and try to make it the administration user of my domain virtual server, but all the way I tried failed...

  • make my virtual server administrator a webmin user using "Convert Unix To Webmin Users". Then "Edit webmin user" bypassing the warning saying this user is managed by virtualmin, and check all the available webmin module. This way I got only domain limited modification and only access to the virtualmin part when logged in. This was with authentic theme, but with the virtualmin framed theme, it was better, because the webmin part was fully accessible and populated. But still no possibility to create/delete virtual servers on the virtualmin side....

So when I see the difficulty to make this working, I think it's maybe the system is not designed for this, and my idea is a bad one....

Actually the only user I found able to manage virtualmin virtual servers is root, even a new webmin user copied from root, is not able to do same as root, I mean add/remove virtual servers...

But the thing is that I found many times on the net that it's basic security to disable webmin root login, and create a different login user with full rights to manage the system (webmin) and the virtual servers (add/remove/import.....)

Am I missing something ? I don't know where to look at now....

Fri, 04/03/2015 - 10:26


Well, before we get into your question of creating a root like user, I wanted to verify something....

A Virtual Server owner should be able to fully manage all the domains under their own account.

They're not root, but they should be able to manage most aspects of the domains they own... including adding new domains under their account.

Now, they wouldn't be able to add new top-level Virtual Servers. Only Master Admins such as root can do that.

Resellers can do that too, but those are only available in Virtualmin Pro.

So that's my question -- is that part of your Virtual Server owner working for you?

However, regarding making a user into a Master Admin --

You can do that by taking any user with a shell account, and adding them to the /etc/sudoers file.

Virtualmin will consider any user with root-like privileges in the sudoers file as a Master Admin.


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