Folders for Filesystem Backup

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Folders for Filesystem Backup

Hi, I have a vps with Webmin+Virtualmin but it does not have a backup type "snapshot". I discovered that documenting Webmin has a function called "Filesystem Backup" that are copying system also via FTP to another server. Currently the entire system with the Home where are allocated websites weighs 13GB and is a Ubuntu Server 14.04 64bit. I want to know which folders are imported you can make backups? I think mainly the /home/ would be the first folder and which folders are essential? This is the list of folders on my vps:

/ /bin /dev /home /lib /lost+found /mnt /proc /run /selinux /sys /usermin-setup.out /var /webmin-setup.out /aquota.user /boot /etc /initrd.img /lib64 /media /opt /root /sbin /srv /tmp /usr /vmlinuz

Another thing I wanted to ask ... if the vps will crash and the address of the page Webmin will not be available as I can recover the files? Formatting the server by installing the base image provider + webmin and then recovering the files from the restore is good as a solution?

Thanks for the support.

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 13:41
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While many folks have a different view on this topic (for a number of reasons), I tend to setup scheduled backups inside Virtualmin. This will backup the contents of each "home" directory, "databases" and related configuration settings.

If your VPS ever dies, or requires a refresh, you'd simple build the base installation, then recover each of the Virtual Servers individually which would rebuild that Virtual Server as it was.

Usually I schedule two types of backups, weekly "full" backups which are done on say "Sun", then daily "incremental" backups which are done say between "Mon" through "Sat". The benefit of this method is, incremental backups only hold "changes" and therefore are smaller.

When restoring, you'd first start with the latest "full" backup, then restore each incremental leading up to the day you want restored.


something goes wrong on "Wed".

you'd restore "Sun" (full), then "Mon" (incremental), "Tue" (incremental) and would therefore have a Virtual Server which resembles the data prior to the failure.

Generally speaking, I retain up to 2 weeks worth of full/incremental backups so that I can deal with disaster/recover matters when necessary. Though, you can retain backups as far back as you like.

Also, if the backups are to deal with disasters, it's recommended that you store these backups on a remote system. Fortunately, Virtualmin offers the ability to backup to places like Amazon, Rackspace, and over SFTP or FTP as may be required.

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