Manual Installation Problems - Ubuntu 11.04

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#1 Sat, 06/18/2011 - 05:24

Manual Installation Problems - Ubuntu 11.04

Hi guys

I'm new to Virtualmin. Having been a WHM/WHMCS user for the last few years I've decided to give vistualmin a shot after many recommendations.

I'm currently struggling to get the Virtualmin installation to run from within Webmin - I currently have webmin and usermin installed and functioning correctly, but the virtualmin installation just will not run.

My system is set up with 32bit version of ubuntu 11.04 so the script will not run as the OS is not on of the 'Grade A' list for supported versions, hence the manual install.

At present I'm unsure which installation source I should be using to get up and running, so I'm hopeful that one of you guys might be able to point me in the right direction.

I'd appreciate any help or advice.

Cheers to everyone in advance!


Sat, 06/18/2011 - 09:19


It sounds like you've probably seen the spiel by now... the whole "we recommend using one of the Grade A supported OS's, blah blah". It can be tricky to get the manual install working, and it's possible that you'd have less trouble by migrating over to another server running the supported Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

That said -- if you'd like to continue with your Ubuntu 11.04 manual installation -- we can try to point you in the right direction :-) There are certainly folks who have setup Virtualmin on Ubuntu 11.04.

Since Virtualmin is primarily Perl code, there's not much special about the .deb Ubuntu packages... the .deb packages over in this repository should work just fine for you:

One exception may be the procmail-wrapper package... I'm not sure that it'll work properly since it was compiled for a different Ubuntu version. If that ends up being the case, instructions for compiling that are in the manual installation instructions.

Hopefully that helps get you going!


Sat, 06/18/2011 - 10:49 (Reply to #2)

Hi Eric - howdy to you too!

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me, I appreciate it.

Following your advice (although I had read it elsewhere as well), I've been in touch with my server provider to request a downgrade of the OS to 10.04 via a clean install. Hopefully this will mean that I can just run the script and everything will be fine. Fingers crossed.

I'll report back with results if they process the reinstall for me. If not, I may be back here looking for some more assistance (or maybe a different host).

Thanks again for your help.

Sat, 06/18/2011 - 11:41

On Ubuntu 10.04, installing Virtualmin is a breeze - works just fine. :) Done it many times. Just make sure your hoster doesn't put any "custom stuff", as in special Apache configuration or something, on the server. A plain Ubuntu with just the base packages plus SSH works best.

Sat, 06/18/2011 - 12:16 (Reply to #4)

Hey, you're right!

I've got a clean install of 10.04 from my host and ran the script - all seems well.

Just configuring now and will hopefully be up and running in no time. My next task will be getting WHMCS to correctly control virtualmin via the API. Wish me luck!

Cheers for the help.

Sat, 06/18/2011 - 12:21

My next task will be getting WHMCS to correctly control virtualmin via the API.

On Virtualmin GPL, WHMCS is available as an "Install Script". Thats the fancy Virtualmin feature that allows you to install an app with just a click or two, rather than having to perform a manual install of the app.

So, once you setup your domain as a Virtual Server in Virtualmin, click "Install Scripts", and you can install WHMCS from there (note that you do still need a WHMCS license, the Install Script just makes it easy to install).


Sat, 06/18/2011 - 12:39 (Reply to #6)

Thanks for the heads up Eric, I'll certainly make use of that option when I get around to that part of my setup.

I'm struggling at the minute with usermin - I'm getting a Perl execution error in the file. Here's the exact message:

Error - Perl execution failed

Can't use an undefined value as a symbol reference at /usr/share/usermin/mailbox/ line 1983,  line 1.

Does anyone have any ideas for me?

Sat, 06/18/2011 - 13:27

Hmm, that's an odd issue.

When does that occur? Does it work for some users, but not others?


Sat, 06/18/2011 - 13:51 (Reply to #8)

I was just investigating and had checked a different user - it gave an error for the admin account on a virtual server but worked fine for a standard email/ftp account under the same virtual server.

It occurs when you first login to usermin, and still displays the error when navigating to the various sections within the usermin interface. The error is displayed in place of the content for each section and also in place of the menu structure when you switch over to the Mail menu.


Sat, 06/18/2011 - 14:07

Wow, I seem to be hitting wall after wall with this install.

OK, so I want to set up my server to act as nameservers for my hosted domains. Here are the steps I've taken so far...

I've been over to my registrar (123-reg) and setup ns1-4.mydomain.tld to point to 4 IP addresses that are configured on my server.

I've then setup 4 x A-IPv4 records in my virtualmin UI to point ns1-4 to my 4 IP addresses.

Have I completely misunderstood this process? Apologies if this is a stupid post, but I seem to be struggling to understand the requirements for DNS to function properly.


Sat, 06/18/2011 - 14:13


Yeah, there can be a lot involved in getting a hosting server up and running :-)

I might suggest starting with the section titled "How do I setup nameservers for my server?" at the following URL:

If you still find yourself struggling -- we'd be happy to help, but my recommendation would be to start a new forum post to go over the DNS issues... if we start putting too many items in one forum thread, it gets a little tricky to keep track of :-)


Sat, 06/18/2011 - 14:16 (Reply to #11)

No worries Eric, thanks for replying. I'll take a look at the link and create a new thread if I don't get fixed up.


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