Would be good to be able to word search the Bug Tracker

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#1 Sat, 02/17/2007 - 04:43

Would be good to be able to word search the Bug Tracker

just a suggestion but it might help me to not ask a question you've already dealt with.

Sat, 02/17/2007 - 11:59
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Hey John,

Yeah, I agree. We're moving to a new CMS (and bug tracker) very soon, that provides a lot better capabilities, including better search throughout the site.


Check out the forum guidelines!

Sun, 06/07/2009 - 07:01 (Reply to #2)


just a note. I had a question about this Authen::PAM perl module issue. I searched before I posted my question and it yielded no results.

This morning I came in to check emails and found that a kind-hearted commrade of the forum provided me two links to another thread about Authen::PAM.

I guess the two colons made the search script think I was searching for some kind of regular expression. So this morning I did the same search Authen::PAM but enclosed it in quotes and didn't find any threads either.

Searching for Authen all by itself yielded lots of results.

I'm not at all trying to be a pest. I post this reply to hopefully show that I sure am going to try and not post stuff that has already been addressed by taking time to search for it in the forum before I post. Plus, just noting that my search syntax was not proper or prevented - depending on how you look at it! :)

It'd be good to provide syntax help notes for the search when the new one comes.

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