Batch Change Permissions in File Manager

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#1 Thu, 11/27/2008 - 13:12

Batch Change Permissions in File Manager

The new cPanel File Manager allows batch changing file permissions, via Select All and Clear All, shift select, etc.

The File Manager on my new Vmin host does not appear to have this feature, although I thought that Usermin on my former host did. Could someone point me to it? I searched the forum and docs for "batch permissions" and didn't find it.

Or maybe this is a design decision, and there is an assumption that GUI users shouldn't be batch changing permissions, and I guess that might be reasonable, too.

Thanks, Ken

Fri, 11/28/2008 - 08:57

Hi Ken,

If you're sure you're using the most recent Usermin, and you don't see it, I'd double-check the Webmin site and just make sure it wasn't an add-on module.

If you don't see an add-on module to do that, you can always file a feature request in the Bugs/Issues tracker.

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