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#1 Sun, 07/27/2008 - 15:01

spam assassin help

Anybody know how I can set a rule in SA that will put a high spam level rating on emails with this type of language:


div class='quote'>ваÑ

Mon, 07/28/2008 - 01:11

No I don't but you can label non-english emails as spam automatically using the global settings under webmin.

And yes it is Russian.

Mon, 07/28/2008 - 10:26 (Reply to #2)

Cool. Thanks Scott I will look into that.

Mon, 07/28/2008 - 12:11
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Sure. SpamAssassin can be configured to treat some languages as particularly spammy.

One configuration option is:

&quot;Languages in email that are not considered potential spam&quot;

In Webmin:Servers:Spamassassin:Spam Classification

If you set this to &quot;Selected languages ..&quot; and select (use Ctrl-click to multi-select) the languages that you what to not be give points for spamminess based on language. Depending on your userbase, this might just be English, but to be on the safe side, you probably want to permit Spanish, French, Italian, German and maybe a few others, since so many words from those languages make it into English speakers vocabulary...and you may find that some of your users enjoy chatting in other languages (I don't speak much French or Spanish, but I try to use bits and pieces of it whenever I can).

There's also the character sets option below that...Cyrillic is probably the character set in question here.

You can also assign point values to all of this stuff...but I'm not seeing immediately how to do that in the SpamAssassin module. I think maybe the SpamAssassin module needs some more work (it's obviously had several new features added in the past year or so, since there are several new icons since the last time I did an &quot;icon overhaul&quot;).


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Mon, 07/28/2008 - 13:21 (Reply to #4)

Thanks for that Joe.
I set my langages and I'll keep an eye on spam ratings for those types of spam to see if and how much they change.

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