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So I am having to migrate from my old VPS to a new one and noticed that the bare bones Debian 4.0 build is 24 processes.

Then I rant he virtualmin install and my VPS jumped up to 71 processes just at idle speed! I plan to turn off a few non essential processes such as ProFTP, BIND but still that is a big jump. Is that standard?

Thu, 08/09/2007 - 02:36
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Hey Jim,

Well, let's see:

Webmin 1
Usermin 1
Postfix 5
Dovecot 6 (+one per active user)
Apache 6 (+more when loaded)
mysql 2
postgresql 3
ProFTPd 1 (+one per active user)
PHP (one per active script)
named 1

So, that's about 25-30 extra processes once you have at least one domain configured. Maybe there's a few I'm forgetting. Number of processes doesn't matter all that much, but memory usage does, if you're on a low memory system. There's a guide for using Virtualmin on low memory systems here:


A couple of those steps should now be handled automatically by the installer when memory is detected to be 256MB or less, but most aren't current addressed automatically (many require some human judgment to determine which features you'll be using).


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