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#1 Thu, 02/15/2007 - 21:31

Disable Some Servers

Would it be a problem to disable some servers on a new install of virtual min?

I am thinking of: proftpd bind postgres?

Do I need bind if I have my domains purchased an another registrar?

Do I need postgres for dovecot?

Do i need proftpd at all?!

Fri, 02/16/2007 - 00:21
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Hey Jim,

<i>Do I need bind if I have my domains purchased an another registrar?</i>

A registrar may or may not provide domain name service. If you want Virtualmin to manage your zones, you'll need BIND. If you want to use your registrar for name service, assuming they offer such service, you'll need to manage the zones via whatever mechanism your registrar offers.

<i>Do I need postgres for dovecot?</i>

No. They are not related. You need PostgreSQL only if you want to use scripts that make use of PostgreSQL. Some scripts can use either MySQL or PostgreSQL...I recommend the latter, if both are equally well-supported, but in nearly all cases the pgsql support is an afterthought, and the MySQL code is more reliable and better tested.

<i>Do i need proftpd at all?!</i>

Only if you use FTP. If you always upload content via ssh/scp or ftp-over-ssh, then you'll never need FTP. I don't recommend using FTP under any circumstances--but I've given up on trying to convince people not to use it. It's just become so deeply ingrained in people's processes...if you don't have that particular disease (likewise, for any other account holders on your system), then by all means, turn the bastard off, and good riddance.


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