multi-server support

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#1 Sat, 10/21/2006 - 20:49

multi-server support

can virtualmin manage other virtualmins across multiple servers?

Sun, 10/22/2006 - 02:07
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Hey William,

Not yet, though the Webmin Servers feature does quite a bit of nice stuff when combined with Virtualmin.

Cluster DNS servers, for automatic slave configuration:

Automatic secondary MX configuration, so you have an automatically managed "hold and forward" backup mail server.

Full local and remote APIs, several of them, so your billing app or shopping cart, or whatever, can call on Virtualmin to do it's bidding:

Webmin just got XML-RPC support, as well, so it's possible to use a lot of "enterprisey" tools to talk to Webmin and, thus, Virtualmin.

We've been moving into more and more cluster related areas over the past year, as our customers are running larger and larger deployments of Virtualmin. I don't foresee that slowing down any.


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