Virtualmin Pro on several Hard Drives

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#1 Thu, 06/01/2006 - 00:49

Virtualmin Pro on several Hard Drives

Hi, I am thinking of using Virtualmin Pro on my Servers. It seems like a wonderful piece of software. Nice community you've got here.

My clients are using 40 gigs of storage each so I would like if it's possible to use Virtualmin Pro in a server with multiple disks (4 400GB SATA drives) and how would that be done.

Thanks Antonio

Mon, 06/19/2006 - 15:04
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Hey Antonio,

Sorry for the slow reply, I somehow missed this thread start in my email, and just now noticed no one had posted an answer.

You have a few options, but I believe RAID is the by far best choice (probably with some redundancy, like RAID 5). Once you have /home on a large array, you don't have to think about distributing data across the disks ever again--the OS does it for you. Any other choice would require pretty extensive human administration and possibly very complex migration problems if you need to move a customer to a different disk, expand storage, etc. With Linux software RAID and LVM you can provide storage that can expand reasonably easily over time. In short, no other option is going to avoid huge spaces for human error to creep into the deployment.

There is a good bunch of good documentation out there for Linux Software RAID and LVM, and both are pretty easy to use once you understand the basics (and most OS installation systems allow you to create both logical volumes and RAID arrays during installation in an easy to use GUI). You can also manage both using Webmin once the system is running. I actually prefer software RAID to even nice hardware RAID controllers from an administrative standpoint, though sometimes performance demands a hardware solution.


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