Aarrgghh Fedora Core 2!

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#1 Sat, 02/25/2006 - 00:18

Aarrgghh Fedora Core 2!

I purchased virtualmin professional and I was all excited to get it running and then I discovered that the host that it needs to run on is still Fedora Core 2. The host is a leased dedicated server and I don't have console access to it, so it may be hard to do a quick upgrade to Core 3 or 4.

Is there any way I can get this to install on Core 2? I almost made it install, but it fails trying to update subversion which wants a newer liblber.so than I have.

If I can't install on Core 2, I'm in trouble in the short term. In the long term, I can upgrade Fedora, but that's the long term.

As I said in the subject line: Aarrgghh!

Sat, 02/25/2006 - 00:51
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Hey Lawrence,

Sorry for the inconvenience. It's probably possible to tweak the installer to make it install, but FC2 will never be supported or easy to install the full stack of apps on (no version of any distro that has been end-of-lifed by the vendor will be supported, for many many reasons).

Probably the short-term solution is to drop the subversion deps from the rhdeps line in install.sh, and force the install to use the FC3 repository.

Some things I worry about:

Apache, ClamAV, ProFTPd, perl-Net-SSLeay. These packages are ones that I built. They probably won't run on FC2, even if you get them installed. You'll need to rebuild them (I can provide SRPMS, and advice on getting them built), and possibly make changes to either the package or the default configs to make them work correctly. Each new distro is pretty tough to make work, though the difference between FC2 and FC3 is as minimal as can be hoped, and if I had to choose an older platform to munge into working, it would have to be FC2.

If this is a new server that does not have existing data on it, you can pretty easily (and almost without pain) upgrade to FC3 using yum. I've done it several dozen times and I've only lost one or two boxes (where "lost" means I had to have someone with console access do some rescue work with me on the phone to them), and many of my upgrades were much more dramatic. i.e., I've upgraded systems from RH6.3 all the way up to Fedora Core 3. It took four or five hours and I had to stop off at each revision along the way, but it worked in the end. I don't suggest that kind of upgrade for anyone who doesn't really really understand the system, but a FC2 to FC3 upgrade should be almost as easy as an Anaconda install at the console.

I'm not gonna say an upgrade is easier or safer than getting the system rebuilt for FC2, but it might be. It's such an old system and it has been EOL'ed for a while, I would pretty strongly recommend against starting a new server with it anyway. Obviously, existing servers with an OS on them are much harder to pick and choose...but if you're starting new, FC2 aint the place to start. I know Fedora Legacy is doing a nice job keeping up with security updates, but it's not a place I'd like to be starting.


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