script installer, how does it work?

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#1 Thu, 12/29/2005 - 21:17

script installer, how does it work?

IM not at all sure how the script installer works, but i've downloaded phpstickets 1.9, I've put the gz file in the directory wheree I want it, but it fails, I untar it to that directory and try again and it fails saying none of the servers have the script on them.

How does this work?

Fri, 12/30/2005 - 00:25


The script installer is a way to install into the virtual server the software you want. The install scripts are written by Jamie or a thrid party not all software is available, Jamie is adding all the time. The scripts are written to download the software and configure the software.

Pick out the virtual server you want to install the software into. Make sure it is the right one. Then select install scripts from the menu.

A page will be presented that will show you which domain you have selected for the install. A selection box with a down arrow is present. Click on the down arrow and a list of install scripts will be shown. If the software you want to install is listed then select it and click on the show install options. A page will be presented that will allow you to configure some of the settings. When this is what you want click on install now and the script will install the software into the domain you have selected.

phpstickets 1.9 is on the script list.

Hope this helps.

Fri, 12/30/2005 - 00:52

I guess the follow-up question would be: How does one write their own installer script?

There's a couple of additional scripts I would like to provide (for example, IntegraMod, along with phpBB, or a customized installation of any of the scripts, to reside on the server.

I know the API is still shrouded in secrecy, but where do these scripts reside, so we can start taking a look at them>

(Unless you want to release some kind of document that explains how to write one)


Fri, 12/30/2005 - 02:03
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Hey Harald and all,

We're not trying to keep the Script Installers API shrouded in mystery...we just haven't had time to write it up yet. We <i>want</i> folks to start developing additional installers (and it's not at all unlikely that the Script Installers interface, if not the actual installer scripts, will trickle down to GPL sooner than most Professional features because it is so potentially useful to users and developers alike).

When the feature was first added, I wrote up a quickie post about working with it here:

It does tell you where to find them, and give you a few hints about how Jamie approached the installation process. Obviously, the simpler a script is to install, the easier it is to write a Script Installer script for it, but there are no limits to how complex the process can be.

Once developed, the script installer can be distributed to other Virtualmin users who can install it without ever having to hit the command line. Jamie really outdid himself on the Script Installers.

If you have questions about how to write your own, please let me know in the Developers forum. Worst case scenario, I won't know the answer and I'll ping Jamie to come chime in--he's certain to know. ;-)


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