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#1 Mon, 12/05/2005 - 16:36

Licensing Presales Question Also..

Also, in light of the work needed to make my server already installed work with Pro, rather, I will migrate to a new server. Before allocating the server though, I always model it in VM. If I buy a license, install it in my VM environment, and then destroy the VM when I am done with it, can I then move the license to my new server? It will NEVER be in use on more than one server.

I guess, my question is, is my license irrevokably tied to a server?

Mon, 12/05/2005 - 16:53
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Hey Simon,

Licenses are not tied to servers. During discussion with some early customers, it became apparent that the commonly used licensing methods were too restrictive to be comfortable for many users. So we're trying to be more flexible, without being so relaxed that we can't pay our bills.

The license server is configured to flag the following (plus a few other things that I won't go into):


[*]One license being used on more than two servers, or more than one server for more than 30 days, except as discussed in the next point. This provision allows for you to install the software on a machine for testing and preparation, and then backup and restore to the production machine.[/*]

[*]One license being used on more than one server, where both servers are not identical, where identical is defined as "has the same domains", for more than thirty days. This is an unusual, and I think particularly generous provision, in that it allows you to run a hot spare without purchasing a second license. It is treated by our terms as a "backup copy", which is explicitly permitted. Identical can also mean one server is empty--i.e. zero domains configured.[/*]

[*]A license being used beyond the end of the term of the license. This simply means you'll get a note on your login screen reminding you that your license has expired, and that updates are no longer provided. It does not prevent your server from operating. Again, I believe this is an extremely customer-friendly provision (which when the big money people get involved there will be some arguments to retain!). We will also use the flag to send out a reminder email that your license has expired. Nothing too pushy, just trying to be helpful while allowing us to continue providing you with updates and new versions of the software.[/*]


As long as you obey the spirit of the license, i.e. you pay us the amount we're asking for our work, and don't try too hard to pull a fast one on us, you should never even know the license manager exists. It is a multi-facted system, with a number of counters being kept for each license in the field, and flags for questionable usage in one or more of the components will not cause any immediate reaction at the customers location. A human will review the situation before shutting down a server for violations. At least that is the way we are currently operating. If we find a lot of users taking advantage of the situation (which so far, has not been a big problem), we will be forced to go more automated and be a bit stricter about licensing.

In other words, we've given customers everything they asked for, except "I'd like it for free, and I'd also like a pony", including the freedom that you're asking for. ;-)


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Mon, 12/05/2005 - 17:54

I agree, I think it is very fair.

It also answered my question with the exact answers I wanted.

Wonderful, you will see my payment shortly!

Wed, 01/25/2006 - 03:56

I have a question, lets say that someonne doesnt like where Virtualmin Pro is heading, or some lack of updates, newere versions, name your reason). will there be a conveter out by then that fan take the PRO version back to the GPL version. I know we can coniinue to administer our servers without virtualmin, it's just a little harder to dos,so for me if the prife goes way up next december, AND i NAvnt picked up enough clients i MAY HAVE TO LOOK AT WHATS OUT AT THT TIME, OR GO BACK TO THE gpl VERSION. sO WILL THER be a convetter to go from Pro to GPL?

Thanks for your time in responding.

Wed, 01/25/2006 - 04:22

Sorry for the spelling and capitalization mistakes but I've not been to sleep but for 4 hours now in about 4 days because of work and the heavy medication the doctors got me on, 12 to 20mg xanax/day 3 or more percolates (pain killers), and appetite suppressants which not only help to curb my appetite (most people are given 30mg a day, my Docs got me on close to 2104mg a day if I stay up at night,) so at this hour of the night I can barely see what I'm WRITING, DOUBLE VISION sets in, HAVE TO FOCUS REALLY HARD (or wear an pirates eye patch over one eye, then I don't get the double vision TO SEE THE WORDS ON THE SCREEN SINGLY.)but help to keep me going at nighttime and during the daytime too.. Guess I'll have to use spell check.

Anyway now you know why some of my questions don't seem to make much sense, hey I know add in a grammar checker too. ;)

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