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Hi. I am a small time host. I usually get the pre packaged Dedicated Servers with Cpanel. So i never have to deal with licensing issues. Now if i start usin Virtualmin i need to have a plan that is flexible enough. Therefore i would start at the 10 domains and gradually build up.

I am thinking of putting Virtualmin on a new server and letting some customers get the hang of it. Could you please elaborate on upgrade pricings ?

Secondly, i have a software house in Pakistan where we do some offshore work. We are currently working on a billing software because we got sick of WHM Autopilot. Although Agile Bill is a nice software, its really not what most Hosting Companies out there are looking for. IF we could have a look at the API of VirtualMin maybe we could start working on come modules that work with Virtualmin.

Thankyou. Faisal.

Thu, 10/06/2005 - 02:09
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Hey Faisal,

While it is not currently possible, due to limitations of the shopping cart, we plan to offer domain upgrades at the cost of the difference between plans. Thus, upgrading from 10 to 50 domains would only cost $50 ($199-$149, retail prices). There will also be monthly lease terms, at some not-too-distant time, which will also allow this case, you'll just upgrade the license to the newly preferred domain plan and your monthly rate will go up to the bigger plan.

We are strongly encouraging third party development, and welcome your feedback on any additional features you need in the available APIs. The APIs are publically documented, and you don't have to have our permission to create products that work with the API (though you do have to abide by our trademark usage terms if you use the Virtualmin mark in your product literature or marketing). In addition to the API docs here:



Or the Perl API, which is merely another set of Webmin functions you can call using the foreign_* or remote_* APIs in Webmin, documented here:

And more specifically:

Foreign procedures

Remote procedures

The code itself can be very helpful, and we welcome questions over in the development forum or on the Webmin development mailing list, depending on whether you're writing a Webmin module or simply tying an existing application into Virtualmin (or writing a Virtualmin plugin from scratch). As you can see, Jamie has been amazingly accomodating of the demands of third party developers.

We will also be introducing a Developer Program in the not-too-distant future that will include some marketing tools that third party developers can use to let Virtualmin users know about their products and we will also be doing joint marketing campaigns and other good stuff. We're serious about getting developers, both Open Source and commercial, involved in Virtualmin Professional and Virtualmin GPL.

Hope this helps with your plans.


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