Let's Encrypt request should add www subdomain

Hi there! Nice to see Let's Encrypt implemented in Virtualmin. However I find it to be a bit of a pain that it only generates the certificate for the domain, but not for the www subdomain, which usually is just an alias. But since both are commonly used for sites, it would be cool if the certificate would contain both variants.

Closed (fixed)


as said in the forum post, should also add alias sites that are added to one site like domain1.com with alias domain2.com should do a ssl for domain1.com, www.domain1.com, domain2.com and www.domain2.com.

And maybe do a field that can be added, to generate extra domains like if i wanna do my.domain1.com and own.domain1.com

Good suggestion - this will be possible in the next Webmin+Virtualmin release.


when you are working on it, maybe lets encrypt get done to mail/ftp/other server that do answer with proper ssl for mail.domain.com, imap.domain.com, smtp.domain.com for all domains hosted on that server It would be really nice.

Also the generated for webmin and usermin, could that be made to be good for all admin.domain.com hosted on the server, which also would be really good feature to have.

I'll look into this - however, the more subdomains we try to request the cert for, the more chance it will fail, because Lets Encrypt will reject the request if ANY of the subdomains cannot be resolved.

You could always do a dns check against google servers before requesting the cert to check if the hosts exists ?

Is this fixed in current production version ? Cause I still dont get cert for www. subdomain

It will be fixed in the next Virtualmin release (5.01)