migrate virtual server

I've been playing with this for a while and I don't see where the magic is not working. The

add-server->Migrate VIrtual Server link appears for me on the Virtualmin site (current version, Virtualmin Professional) but I cannot get it to appear for clients. I'm sure there's a permission or some such thing in there that I am not seeing, but I cannot for the life of me find it. It's never come up before but I have a current Cpanel user who'd like to use it to move his site to me --

Any idea why I cannot turn this on?



Howdy -- for the servers where that option is not showing up, what Virtualmin version is it? And is it Pro or GPL?

Virtualmin 4.18 Pro -- it shows up for me when logged in as root, but not for the clients.

All I get logged in as a client to Virtualmin under Add Servers is the batch create option.

Oh I think I misunderstood... for some reason I thought we were talking about different servers.

You're saying that on one server, for you that option shows up, but for them it does not.

I re-read your question and I do think I understand now.

I reviewed the options, and I don't see anything specifically for that either.

Just to verify -- can this particular user create Sub-Servers within their account?

If so, but they cannot use the Migrate Virtual Server option, it's possible that a Virtual Server owner doesn't get rights to that. A reseller may though.

However, I will ask Jamie for some additional input on how the permissions work with that option.

The migrate option is only available to the root user.

Ah, well, that explains that --- though that seems a little odd to me since what strikes ME as the typical use for this would be for a client to want to move their site from another company's hosting -- and on a server with shared hosting that would not be the root user.

This is for security reasons - an untrusted migrated backup could be used to gain access beyond what a domain owner should have.