How do users create a signature file through Usermin?

Usermin Version 1.570

Log in to user email account -> Mail Preferences -> Sending email -> Signature file

I don't see a way for users to create a signature through the Usermin interface, is that possible? If not, can we add that as a feature?

-- Craig



I asked Jamie about how this works -- he mentioned that when the signature file is set to something, users should see an 'Edit Signature' button at the bottom of the mail list.

Once the signature is enabled in the options, let us know if you see the "Edit Signature" button.

I do not see and "Edit Signature" button.

While logged into Usermin as the user, I went to Mail Preferences -> Sending email -> and set the signature file to "~/.signature" and clicked Save.

I do not see "Edit Signature" in the Mail List page, or any other page. I even logged out and back in to see if that worked...

Not even below the list of messages in the user's inbox?

OK, you got me! It is there.

Now, I have to ask, why the hell is it there? :) I could have spent another week on this and I never would have thought to check below the list of INBOX messages! If the signature is enabled, can we make it a menu link like Forward email and Automatic reply? Something that would be a little more intuitive.

Thanks Jamie and Team!
-- Craig

Yes, that is a bit obscure ... maybe it would make more sense on the left menu?

HI guys, just checking if this is still planned for the next update?

-- Craig

Yes, but it would need to be in a theme package update.

Guys, just wondering what the status of this is, when do you anticipate a theme update?
-- Craig

I've implemented this, but haven't released a new theme package yet. I can send you a beta though - just let me know which Linux distribution you are using there.

Ok, I have emailed you the updated theme RPM package.


I'm not seeing that this has been corrected. Is there a different process to update themes or have themes not been updated since I opened this ticket.

Preferably I think this should move to Mail Preferences -> Sending email and included with the "signature options" section on that page.

Thanks! -- Craig

The way these links are implemented has completely changed in recently Usermin / theme package releases.

However, at the bottom of the mail list users should see an Edit Signature button.

Will it move to Preferences at some point? -- Craig

No, but it will appear on the left menu soon.

Which Usermin version do you have installed there?