Nginx virtualhost from restore is empty

Zip file contains domain_virtualmin-nginx, which I attached. I get "Nginx virtualhost was not found after restore" error when trying to restore. This is restoring to a freshly built server.



I think this is a known bug which we've already fixed, but haven't rolled out a release for yet.

Which Linux distribution and version are you running there?

Thankyou for your response, and for Webmin and Virtualmin.

Here is distribution, kernel, virtualmin version, and nginx module versions:

Ubuntu Linux 14.04.3 (LTS) Linux 3.13.0-48-generic on x86_64 Virtualmin Version: 4.18.gpl Nginx website: 1.8 Nginx SSL website: 1.4

Do you have a rough timescale for release?

We have a beta version available now that should fix it - you can install it by running :

dpkg --install webmin-virtualmin-nginx_1.9_all.deb