installing cloudmin into existing webmin/virtualmin setup

Hi guys, I have seen the documentation, but just want to be dead sure so I don't stuff up my system !!! I have been running webmin/virtualmin without a problem for years and now want to include cloudmin into the setup. I have a paid installation of virtualmin (50 sites I think) . So, is it as easy as just using the cloudmin install script, reboot and everything will come up roses? Q: if so - the logon is the same (ie. https://mysite:10000) correct?\ thanks !

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Yes, it is perfectly safe and fully supported to run Cloudmin and Virtualmin on the same system.

thanks James - so once I install CloudMin - I can then add virtual servers to this as well ? Pardon my ignoranc, but is that why I would do this (install cloudmin with virtualmin) as this is something that virtualmin cannot do?

Cloudmin is for managing and creating VMs - but you could be hosting VMs and websites on the same physical system.

thanks Jamies. So, will I need more IP addresses? Also, will my VirtualMin license cover this?

Are you using Cloudmin GPL there?

Cloudmin GPL can create and manage VPS's on your current server.

For each VPS, you would indeed need an IP address from your ISP, just as if it were a new dedicated server.

If you have Cloudmin for Physical Systems -- that can be used to manage multiple Virtualmin instances.

ok, thanks _ i think i get it !! So, I could install Cloudmin on my existing webmin/virtualmin box and if I do nothing else but the install - it works as it did before? (last question I promise !!!)

You don't need to promise that! We're here to help, and are happy to answer your questions.

If you install Cloudmin, you'll get a new tab in the top-left.

So, upon logging in as you do now, instead of just seeing "Webmin" and "Virtualmin" on the top-left, you'll then get a third option called "Cloudmin".

You'll keep all your existing functionality.

But, by going into that new Cloudmin tab, you'll then be able to access Cloudmin's features.

Does that answer your question?

Feel free to ask any others that come to mind though!

cool - thanks !

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