Lisencing and Subscription issues.

Hello and good day. I should refer you to the thread here: and my username is devteam. You will see the discussion there about licensing. It seems that along with asking about how I should properly go about licensing Virtualmin, but that on the "pop-ups" saying I am violating my license, that your system seems to think there is a forth machine that thanks to my old VPS company cannot exist. In the thread you can see my inquiry about properly licensing the wonderful project that is Virtualmin, but one thing that needs corrected no matter what your team decides how I should license three identical VM's with Virtualmin Pro (One to actually host and handle everything from hosting to email, a second identical setup for DNS only, no site hosting and finally a third one on my internal LAN purely as a Virtualmin sandbox.) For me at this stage of the game, having an install on the LAN in a VM of Virtualmin pro is critical to doing any scripts or development here.

I might add something that did not dawn on me, none of these VM's are available from the Internet, but obviously they are not blocked outbound, or I would guess they would not have been able to hit your license servers. Doh!

So other than the topic in the forums, if you can look for the 4th machine and get rid of it that will get us all headed the right direction,



Howdy -- okay, I reviewed your account.

Upon looking at your license, it's not showing that it's been seen on any IP other than "" recently.

Does that sound right?

And is that your main web servers IP address?

Thank you, yes. 204.210.184 is my external IP from (don't laugh) Time Warner. As has been discussed, there are three identical VM's in PROXMOX on a machine I have here at home. One - that I will try and serve from for now - I only have little personal projects of my own to host... Two Identical container to the first only for DNS. And the third is a Virtualmin Sandbox I would like to put to use just on the LAN for wring scripts and contributing in any way I know how to the Virtualmin project.

So... One will serve a couple sites and handle my email, two is just as a secondary install in a container for serving up DNS's - not for web hosting of sites email or the like. - VM1 will do ALL of that, and finally the last one #3 will never see the internet (lol other than your license checks. :-) ) Just as a Virtualmin pro sandbox to not only learn and make mistakes with, but as well so I can write scripts and work on other tutorial type stuff for getting the most out of Virtualmin. I may sandbox some of the projects that are on-going or upcoming using it on the LAN, BUT NOT FOR SERVING TO THE INTERNET - frankly just the opposite.

All I can imagine is that perhaps when I was figuring out how to properly clone containers in PROXMOX - something new to me, I had installed and changed FQDN's several times until I was satisfied it all made sense to me simply for ID purposes., and is all I have here on the LAN and I am hosting nothing anywhere else with or without Virtualmin. Thanks. BTW, I attached screencap of the PROXMOX node and did not obscure anything, so hopefully this is not going to be in the public domain. Also keep in mind the doamin is just a made up hostname to deflect any agitation people might have when my sites are down away from myself to some degree, or at least that was my only intention when buying it.


Sorry I messed up my Time Warner external IP, it is And oddly enough is a dynamic IP, but in reality it seems static as I can't get it to change if I wanted to. Only good thing I see out of Time Warner at this point. Very costly for very little. (What 3MBps down, maybe less than 1MBps up? EEK!)

Man will this all be slow!