manual mysql backup & virtualmin backups

Having problems still with backups after upgrading to Virtualmin 4.17, with similar errors to

My current backup strategy is to (1) backup the 6 virtual servers without mysql through the scheduled backup and then do (2) a manual mysql backup through webmin.

And if i need to restore, restore (1) and then (2) for the virtual servers with issues because of a failure in msyql backup

Is it possible to put the files from (1) and (2) together so that it is like a complete backup with mysql?



Howdy -- sorry that you're having problems with performing backups!

It looks like the request you linked to is waiting on some feedback from you though. Would it be possible to continue reviewing the issues you mentioned in that support request? If you could respond to my question in comment #7, that would be great!

As far as combining the various backups -- the only way to do that would be to use the Virtualmin Scheduled Backups, which it sounds like you're still having a problem with.

What you're doing now would work well, it would just require two steps to perform a restore.