Website Disabled after enabled....

Hello !

I have a normal website, with ServerAlias

There is no DNS no mail and such, only websites.

I had to disable production domain and at some time later I had to enable it again. Now only works still show Website Disabled.

ServerName ServerAlias

I tried to disable and enable a couple of times, but it still does not work.

Something does not really work as it should here, please take a look on it.

Operating system CentOS Linux 6.6 Webmin version 1.750 Virtualmin version 4.17.gpl

[root@black conf]# nslookup Name: Address:

[root@black conf]# nslookup Name: Address:

All patched to latest levels.



Howdy -- the domain "" appears to work for me. When I go there, I get the same website as "".

It's possible that you're just seeing a cache issue -- the website cache, or DNS cache, may need to clear out first.

Also, in Virtualmin it shouldn't be necessary to create a separate alias if already exists, because a DNS record will be created for www by default.