A backup to the same destination is already running with PID 6832

Backups to Amazon S3 Buckets regularly fail giving "A backup to the same destination is already running" error notice, so we have to manually kill the process to proceed. Would be nice for Virtualmin to check if there is a running process prior executing the next remote backup and if it does then to preliminarily kill it.

Closed (fixed)


Actually, this feature is designed to stop a backup from being terminated or over-written part-way though. If your backups are consistently taking too long, I'd recommend increasing the interval between them.

Those were daily incremental backups, which if executed manually go through in a matter of couple three minutes. And the issue is not consistent, it is not repeating every time, but once in a while it happens.

What I'll do in the next Virtualmin release is add an option to scheduled backups to kill any existing running backup, rather than waiting on it.

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