IP Aliasing

My ISP gave me 3 IP's for the same NIC (eth0). I used one in Virtualmin for creating a Virtual Server. I used a second one for name server ns2 in BIND configuration.

When some one is accessing IP2 and IP3 in web browsers, they get It works page from /var/www. I have to "redirect" this IP's to the first IP I used in Virtualmin.

1) How can I do that?

2) Can this be achieved from Virtualmin/Webmin

3) In case I cannot do this in User Interface is it enough editing /etc/apache2/sites-available/myvirtual-server.conf and copy & paste the whole content 2 times and changing IP for second and third copies?

Thank you



Howdy -- it looks like you asked that question here in the Forums:


For folks using Virtualmin GPL, the Forums are the best place to receive support. You'll hopefully receive a response there soon, either from us or a community member.