"Create Image" not working when select compress option.


After new update of Cloudmin -version 8.1- "Create Image" not working if "Compress image file?" is "Yes" (Working fine without compression).

Actually, the script make image and remove it in clean up process! (script do this directly after checking md5sum).

Also I've tried command line back-end which located in: /usr/share/webmin/server-manager/create-image.pl

But get the same result. (No image and no erros at all)


  • System: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS
  • Cloudmin: 8.1.gpl
  • Webmin: 1.740
  • Perl: 5.14.2

Thanks a lot.



Which virtualization type are you using there - Xen, KVM or something else?

Xen 4.1

Thanks Jamie.

I think the cause of issue are "masterdir" and "tempdir" variables.

For some reason both have the same value, so in this script: /usr/share/webmin/server-manager/xen-type-lib.pl

When change this line: "rm -f ".quotemeta("$tempdir/$gzfile"));

to: "ls ".quotemeta("$tempdir/$gzfile"));

The script will printout "masterdir" which is the same of "tempdir" (/var/webmin/server-manager/). Also this happen if you set other location with "--storage" option from command line.

That could be it - what error do you get in Cloudmin when creating an un-compressed Xen image though?

No errors at all, every thing working to the end successfully, but image file not exist anywhere (No errors in web interface nor command line script).

Does the image show up on the New System Images page?

Also, are you trying to create it in some custom storage location, or just in the default directory on the master system?

Yes, image shows in menu because ".img" file exist in "/var/webmin/server-manager/" (.img file size is 336 bytes!) but ".gz" that actually has the data not exist.

Image made from LVM partition on the master and saved in default directory on the same server. And this feature was working fine unil last update "8.1gpl".

Attached image creation if you need it (has no errors as you see).

We just released the 8.2 update - can you check if it fixes this?

Thanks a lot Jamie, I will update to new version and inform you with result.