Create Virtual Server - 2 issues

1) I have already an account for working inside Webmin. Personally I clone root then I delete root and anonymous. Is it a correct behavior for Virtualmin the following: I don't want to set up an "Automatic Administration username" when Creating Virtual Server. I would like to pick a custom one, one already created, the one I use for Webmin. This will allow me not having too many users (it is only one virtual server). By default, if the user exists in Webmin, Virtualmin will not allow to use it as Administration username.

2) You have to find a way to keep the options set when there are failures choices inside the "Create Virtual Server" form. For example, I forgot to set up an Administration password before clicking on [Create Server] button. I get the error for missing password, but getting back to the form it is the initial form, all my options are gone.

Thank you.



Unfortunately, it's not possible to use an existing user as the admin for a new Virtual Server.

While you can specify a custom username, that custom name can't be an existing user.

It just allows you to choose a name other than the name Virtualmin automatically chooses, which is based on the domain name.

And thanks, we'll review the options you mentioned to see if we can improve that behavior -- we'll certainly review that for the new theme we're working on.

I think that some of that password field clearing is done by the browser.

I know the password field is cleared by the browser. My report was related to check boxes. For example you forget to fill in the password and click [Create Server] button. Page content will load with a failure message. You go back to previous page and all your options are again the default ones.

Do as following:

1) In "Enable features" section deselect/select some options and click [Create Server] button without filling in the password.

2) Page loads showing this message: "Failed to create virtual server : Missing or invalid domain name - only letters, numbers and the dot, dash and underscore characters are allowed"

3) Return to previous page, all our options selected before are gone.

My request to you was to find a way to keep the options I selected before. An alert box for missing password is much better then loading a page with an error message. It is much easy to fill in just a password than revising all options again.