Using the aws command for S3 operations

I have an EC2 instance with Virtualmin Pro.

In New Virtualmin Features see the new feature "Using the aws command for S3 operations" and I am on AWS EC2 with backups to S3, so I follow the instructions to install pip and aws-cli, but I see "Error - File not found" when I click the Try it... link from VM System Info. Restarted Webmin, same result.

Is this a problem with the Try it... link? Right frame URL is, same as for Backup and Restore > Restore Backup.

Seems it does not work in the iframe, nor direct URL (external link security issue and warning).

But if I click Backup and Restore > Restore Backup, I see the correct screen: Restore Virtual Servers

Scheduled and Manual Backups seem to be working, and Restore Backup is also working correctly.

Recently updated to Amazon Linux 2015, but retained python 2.6 for compatibility, and set it as system default. No other problems at all with the server, nor with another Webmin instance used as a database server.



Sorry, I got that "try it" link wrong :-( It really should just link to Backup and Restore -> Schedule Backups.

However, as long as you have the aws command installed and in a regular binary directory like /usr/bin , Virtualmin will just use it automatically with no further configuration.