"Edit Virtual Server" loads forever

When I click on "Edit Virtual Server" it does not stop loading

The "Enabled features" table is missing in the overview. Maybe it can not load the information on it.

The overview only shows: Virtual server details Configurable settings Quotas and limits

Webmin version 1.740
Virtualmin version 4.16 Debian Linux 7

thanks for any help



Howdy -- do you see any errors in the Webmin error log located in /var/webmin/miniserver?

Also, which theme are you using -- the standard Virtualmin Framed Theme, or a different theme?

Lastly, which browser are you using?

seems the problem was temporary. today it loads. Yesterday i tried chrome Version 40.0.2214.115 and firefox 39.0a2 (dev edition)

BUT i got hundreds of entries with the following: Use of uninitialized value in string eq at /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server-theme/newleft.cgi line 173. in /var/webmin/miniserv.error

------------------------------------------------------------------------- excerpt NEWLEFT.CGI
# show_menu_items_list(&list, indent)
# Actually prints the HTML for menu items
sub show_menu_items_list
my ($items, $indent) = @_;
foreach my $item (@$items) {
if ($item->{'type'} eq 'item') {
# Link to some page
my $t = $item->{'target'} eq 'new' ? '_blank' :                  <<<<<<<< LINE 173
$item->{'target'} eq 'window' ? '_top' : 'right';
if ($item->{'icon'}) {
my $icon = add_webprefix($item->{'icon'});
print "<div class='linkwithicon'>".
      "<img src='$icon' alt=''>\n";

------------------------------------------------------------------------- END excerpt NEWLEFT.CGI

This happens when i switch the tabs from Virtualmin to Webmin. But this happens on my fresh installed wheezy too (installed it yesterday with virtualmin pro) I use the standard Virtualmin Theme as you can see in the error message (virtual-server-theme) that came with Virtualmin Pro

But maybe the problem from yesterday is gone because I installed a virtualmin plugin that I needed for a backup and restoration process. It was the "Analytics Plugin". I had an error message when trying to make a backup of all domains because of it. There are several people that had the same problem like here https://www.virtualmin.com/node/20841

I did not use the plugin on any domains on the old server (thats why It was not installed anymore). And When I tried to restore the backup from this server on a new machine I got the error message that I would miss the analytics plugin (though none of my domains actually use it). So I installed it on the old server and cked the domains via the "Edit Server Settings" overview.

I know it is all a bit complicated. But at least I found another bug ;)

That message about line 173 is just a perl warning, and should have no impact on the actual functionality of Virtualmin (and will be fixed in the next theme package release). It looks like the original problem was that with the Analytics plugin enabled, the Edit Virtual Server page is hanging - however, from looking at the code I can't see how that could ever happen when just editing a domain.

thank you. I could not replicate the error so far. If it happens again I will let you know