Backup to S3: AWS CLI & Python on CentOS 6


Thanks for changing the code to use the AWS CLI to backup. I almost had to move away from Virtualmin for this reason alone.

Im on centOS 6.6 and the python version is 2.6.6 (from @updates). Amazon's documentation indicates minimum python version of 2.7 to use AWS CLI. I installed it anyways, ran "aws --help" and it works. How do I know the backups are being done using aws from now on, instead of waiting for them to fail?




Howdy -- Jamie may have more thoughts for you, but what you could try doing is viewing the process list throughout the time the backup is running, and look for a process named "aws".

That tool would be responsible for sending the backup files to Amazon, and should show up in the process list.

It won't always be running, only when actually sending a file to Amazon, so you may need to check a few times.

You could also try running the backup process manually, and watch the backup logs. At the time it says that it's uploading it to Amazon, you could then try viewing the process list running on your server, and look for one named "aws".

As long as the aws command is installed and doesn't crash when you run aws --help, Virtualmin will use it.