Can't add multiple servers on the same IP but different ports

The title says it all…

I've a number of private servers behind a firewall, accessible by SSH over the same IP but different ports. I can't seem to be able to add one of them because Cloudmin 8.real tells me that another system is already uses this IP. (which is true, but on another SSH port)



Multiple systems on the same IP behind a firewall aren't supported by Cloudmin currently - and likely won't be any time soon, as it isn't possible to ping the system in that case.

I do have three such systems added to Cloudmin currently. SSH-only, but enough to run "apt-get update" on them. It works flawlessly, but I'm unable to add more systems on another IP.

Maybe that's because that IP is already used by a webmin-system, whereas the 3 SSH-only systems use an IP that's otherwise unused?

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Are you also setting up tunneling to Webmin via different ports?

I suppose we could support this kind of setup actually - if the SSH and Webmin ports are different, it shouldn't be considered a clash.

I do not plan to use webmin on those hosts. I'd like to use Cloudmin to issue SSH commands only. Awesome if cloudmin would support that.

BTW: It'd be great if there was something like a "minimal cloudmin agent", a stripped-down webmin installation without all those system modules unused by cloudmin.

Ok, I will modify Cloudmin in the next release to allow multiple systems to have the same IP but different SSH ports.

Regarding the idea of a "minimal Webmin", we do actually have a package like that - but it only saves on disk space, not RAM, as Webmin always loads scripts on demand so un-used modules don't take up any extra resources.

Jamie, do you know when the next release will be available? Or can I install a prerelease in the meantime? Kind regards

Christian Aust

I plan to do a new Cloudmin release in less than a week.