Restore Individual User Mailbox

I posted this in the Virtualmin Support forum about 3 weeks ago but did not get a response, so I am trying again here. If this feature does not yet exist, please consider it a new feature request....

What is the best/easiest method to restore an individual user mailbox account that has been deleted in Virtualmin? I understand how to restore the entire domain and can then extract the user home directory/mailbox manually, but this is a lot of work that must be done by a qualified sysadmin.

Thanks, Alan



This can be done, and the easier way is to use the command-line restore API.

The specific command is like :

virtualmin restore-domain --source /path/to/backup.tar.gz --domain --feature mail --option mail mailuser XXX

where XXX is the name of the user to restore.

Excellent, thanks! I will give this a try the next time a user restore is needed.

I would still like to request a GUI option for this, so other admins, resellers, and possibly even virtual server owners can do this type of restore by themselves without requiring command-line and root access.

Yeah, I'll update the docs to add this. There is actually a field for this already in the UI, under the the features section of the restore form.

I see the option to restore only Mail/FTP users and aliases, but I don't see any option to select specific user mailboxes.