How to install Virtualmin on Webmin Server

Please tell me the document page "How to install Virtualmin on Webmin Server".




Howdy -- there is a Virtualmin installer, but it's designed to be run on freshly installed servers.

Do you have anything live on your server now, such as websites or email addresses?

Two websites and a few mail users.


Well, Virtualmin has a very good installer that configures a lot of things, but it only works when installing Virtualmin onto a freshly installed operating system.

It's possible to install Virtualmin onto a system with existing domains and email accounts, but it's a much more difficult process, as it needs to be done manually.

My suggestion is that if it's at all possible, I'd recommend starting with a fresh installation of your operating system, and install Virtualmin onto that.

However, if you'd like to try installing Virtualmin onto your existing server, instructions for performing a manual installation are here:

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If you require assistance migrating your existing websites to a "freshly" installed copy of Virtualmin, minimizing downtime please let me know. I manage over a dozen Webmin/Virtualmin based machines and am familiar with minimizing the effects of downtime.

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300 here, all using Virtualmin. Hence the stress :)

Tell your users that you plan a fresh install at a certain time so they can get their email.

Then do a fresh install of VM on a clean server and then restore the sites and configs.

Some settings like email will change.

Few hours work.

Go debian7 I really like it with VM.