Virtualmin FTP backup with

Hello everyone!

Not sure that I should open this here but.. I have this problem with (French hosting provider) - the automated backups from Virtualmin to their FTP backup server failed, the connection is timing out. So, I have told them about this issue and they asked me to open the outgoing port range 0:65535 in the server's firewall.

Okay, it is working when I open outgoing 0:65535 ports but I do not wish to leave it this way with opened so wide range of ports on the server.

Is there any way that I can set specified port for FTP in the Virtualmin's backup feature (port 21 maybe, because I am able to connect to's FTP server via SSH on port 21)?



Howdy -- I'd actually recommend against restricting outgoing ports, as it's difficult to know which ports will be used to communicate with a remote server. FTP is a complicated protocol, and uses a large number of ports.

You could always use SSH instead of FTP though, as SSH is more secure anyhow.

It looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL there though... if you're using Virtualmin GPL, and you had any followup questions, you'd want to use the Forums for support. We monitor the Forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community. Thanks!


Thank you. I think that my issue is more related to the backup server instead because there were no such problem on my previous hosting company Hetzner.

I am sorry, I am new on this forum and I am not very confident about where to post my questions. And yes, I am running the GPL version of Virtualmin.

Can you tell me where I can post about issues with Webmin? I have noticed that Webmin running on CentOS 7 have some problems with the start and stop scripts specially for the NGINX plugin and ProFTPD - it is looking for /etc/init.d/proftpd while on CentOS 7 the command is systemctl start proftpd.service.