upgrade to centos 7

Hi Guys!

I'm happy to report that the upgrade (actually a reinstall) to centos 7 went really well!

I have a couple of questions from the clean up.

  • php versions and virtualmin

on the centos 6 install I have php5.3 (default) and php5.4 (from scl )

now on the new centos 7 install I have php5.4

What I'm wondering is what is the best way to clean this up? The problem is that the

cgi-bin/php5.4 refers to a path that doesn't exist anymore.

Anyway I'd like to clean this up but don't want to run around and chattr & rm on many files if it's not necessary.

Thanks! Aaron



Howdy -- we're happy to hear your migration went well!

I unfortunately don't know of a way to remove the references to the PHP version that's no longer available. I believe you'll need to delete it manually (unless Jamie happens to have a better suggestion).

Did you have other questions regarding your new system (you mentioned above that you had a couple)?

OK that is totally fine if I have to do it manually (or using a script). I just wanted to see if there was a virtualmin way to do it instead of taking out my chainsaw :)

OH the other question was related to php5 vs php5. naming but I answered it after I created a new virtualhost on the new system. Basically i just wanted to know if the minor number was left off in the case of there being only 1 version of php on the system.

I answered it in the midst of opening the ticket and got the answer but forgot to write that here!

BTW really love the virtual server move function it saved my butt.

Part of what drove me to do this so quickly was getting hit by the drupal exploit.

The good news is that I was able to rebuild and move things around so easily because of virtualmin so thank you guys for making awesome software and providing great support!


There is no automated way to clean up those scripts under cgi-bin - however, they are quite harmless and won't be used by Virtualmin or Apache.

OK thanks Jamie!