how to edit DNS template


we have added a block to stop others to query our DNS server. So to allow queries to domains we are authoritative we need to add the following to /etc/bind/named.conf.local

allow-query { any; };

I have tried to added it in 'server template' for "BIND DNS Setting" in the section "Additional named.conf directives for new zones" but it doesn't seem to be added.

what am i doing wrong?



Howdy -- that is the correct place to add an option that you want associated with each zone in the "/etc/bind/named.conf.local" file.

Adding that setting wouldn't change any existing DNS zones, but it would affect all newly created ones.

Also, note that it would only effect domains using the particular Server Template it was added to. If you add that to the template named "Default", but the domain you create is using a different template, it wouldn't inherit that setting by default. What you'd want to do in that case is to edit that particular template, go into the BIND DNS Settings for that template, and set "Additional named.conf directives for new zones" to "From default settings".