Hi, I have searched your website, but cannot find what I require. A fair bit of mail is bouncing from our servers as we do not have a PTR record setup. Most of the google searching I have done (and your website) says that your ISP sets this up for you. We are hosting our own Virtualmin server (with four IP addresses). It is used as a web and email server for multiple domains. Do you have a quick 'how to' on setting up a PTR record on the virtualmin server please? I have been meaning to do this for a while, but is seems more and more now mail is rejecting because this entry is expected.



Howdy -- that's correct, in 99% of cases for Virtualmin users, PTR records are setup by the ISP.

That is, whenever you purchased a server or VPS, and were given IP addresses -- the organization who gave you those IP addresses typically also sets the PTR records.

What you would need to do is contact their support, and ask them to set that up (it's typically called "Reverse DNS".

You wouldn't need to make any changes on your server in order for that to work. Your provider can typically have those working within a day (and some are setup immediately).

thank you.