New server for Virtualmin

I have been using virtualmin for almost few years

I love the software how ever I like to build another Robust Server

Server will be running approximately 200+ websites some website will have high terrific

My choice of software is Centos

I like to know where i can find documentation about this

Please advice



Sorry, but I'm not sure what question you are asking here?

I like to know the following motherboard choice cpu speed ram

Unfortunately, we're not really able to make hardware recommendations.

Hardware requirements are dependent on the specific websites and applications you'll be running, and the exact amount of traffic they'll be receiving.

It's also dependent on your budget.

That said, in most cases the CPU isn't the bottleneck -- having plenty of RAM, and fast disks, can really help keeping your applications speedy.

Also, in some cases, when administrators don't know exactly how much hardware they'll need -- they might setup their server using a VPS (even a high-end VPS) from a provider. This would allow them to upgrade to higher amounts of resources as necessary.

ok thanks

I am thinking using western digital black label hard drive or you advice sold state

I am thinking Minimum 16 megs or ram

I understand your position not to recommend hardware