Re-order server list

Please allow us to reorder the server list as I would like to group servers together in the list as atm its based on last server created is at bottom of the list.

Dev test and wordpress are all pretty much the same development sites where I will be deleting and remaking them as I go and adding more as I go so its going to be all mixed up between development sites, external sites and proper internal sites once I get a a few more sites going.

Please allow us to rearrange this list as we see fit so we can group types of sites together in the order as I personally can't find a option on how to do this and googling doesn't bring up anything.

Screenshot excerpt taken from the 'List Virtual Servers' area in Virtualmin.

Having just made this I do realise its in Alphabetical, order not custom order so a custom order would be ideal for situations like mine.



Howdy -- currently, the sorting Virtualmin provides is available in System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> User Interface Settings.

As you described, the options now are somewhat limited, and are in general always alphabetical (though you can change whether the top-level domain is sorted by owner or domain name).

There isn't currently a way to change how the Sub-Servers are sorted.

Unfortunately, that may be somewhat tricky to change in this particular theme.

However, Joe is working on a new, more modern theme, and it's possible that new theme would make customizations to the sorting mechanism simpler.

I'll talk to Joe about that. Note that the new theme is still some time off, but it is in the works now.

Thanks for your thoughts!