Server description is combined with user real name

Here's a odd programming thing I created a virtual server and it asked me for a description of the server as a non mandatory box so I called it 'Internal Lan Server' as thats what it is and like to descript things so I know what each thing is.

Once done I clicked edit user to check and then add my real name as the webmaster, and it has the server description as the users real name.

Shouldn't these 2 things be separated as its very misleading atm? cause atm its asking for a server description when you create the server only to put the value as the users real name.

I want to both describe the servers so I know what they are used for and also put the users Real Name in especially if I let others host their own sites I want to know who is hosting what.



No, this is intentional - all servers have a default user, whose name is the server description. I understand that you might want to name the admin after the actual person who owns the server, but at the moment that isn't now Virtualmin works.