Ham spam error

Hello, i'm afraid with spam, every day the spam is rising and increasingly come more spam, I have enabled spam controls but not enough, what options do you have enabled? Is there any doc which recommend how to improve the detection of spam?

I have enabled greylisting, and one dns blacklist, but i view an error when i report one mail to spam, this is the error:

bayes: expire_old_tokens: locker: safe_lock: cannot create lockfile /var/spool/mqueue/.spamassassin/bayes.mutex: Permission denied plugin: eval failed: bayes: (in learn) locker: safe_lock: cannot create lockfile /var/spool/mqueue/.spamassassin/bayes.mutex: Permission denied ERROR: the Bayes learn function returned an error, please re-run with -D for more information at /usr/bin/sa-learn line 493. Learned tokens from 0 message(s) (1 message(s) examined)

Can you help me ???

I have virtualmin pro


Can you describe how you're reporting the email as spam? For one, what email client are you doing that from?


directly from the Virtualmin, namely usermin

ls -la /var/spool/mqueue/.spamassassin/

[root@hosting ~]# ls -la /var/spool/mqueue/.spamassassin/ total 300 drwx------ 2 ronald.domain-int domain-int 4096 may 10 10:49 . drwxrwxrwx 3 root mail 4096 may 10 10:49 .. -rw------- 1 ronald.domain-int domain-int 18 may 14 12:04 bayes.mutex -rw------- 1 ronald.domain-int domain-int 12288 may 14 12:04 bayes_seen -rw------- 1 ronald.domain-int domain-int 339968 may 14 12:04 bayes_toks [root@hosting ~]#

No, this user Ronald it's the only can report spam through usermin, possibly some command I was trying to change permissions to fix this error, but I understand that I have to apply for per-user and it should be fine by default



By usermin web Jamie

So you are just using the "Report as Spam" button in the web UI, right?

Which log file are you seeing the original error message in, and are you sure it happens at the same time that button is clicked?

Sorry, i don't see any log file, i report spam via usermin web UI and i see the error via usermin web UI ¿??

Yes, i click report spam and in this moment i see this error

How can i verify my filter bayesian and all my antispam ??? i think my antispam it's don't working very well...

Ok, I didn't realize you were seeing this error in the Usermin UI.

Does the user you are logged in as have a home directory, and is that home directory actually /var/spool/mqueue ?

I'm sorry Jamie, i don't understand you, i'm only try to report ham through usermin web ui via user root, i can view the mails but i can not report ham, so i doubt that my bayesian antispam, my users complain about the high volume of spam, i think if i can report some spam and learn to bayesian spam i can decrease the level of spam that arrives to my users

Now I'm confused - on which specific page are you reporting spam,and how did you get to that page in the UI?