license renewals


I don't think I've ever had a license renew with out a manual push through. Rather than wait a few days and have nothing happen I'm trying to nip this is the bud now. Please look and see if we need a manual adjustment for the license I renewed today.





Howdy -- I applied your license extension, thanks for renewing!

Thank you. How long does it take for the new license to show up on the Software License page? I do not currently see it there.

Hi rainierconnect -- could you open a new request for your license question? We'll gladly help you out, but it would be best to do that in a new request. Thanks!

Hrm, unless "rfitting" and "rainierconnect" are the same person, using different accounts?

No, thank you. We will open a new request.

Hidey- Ho,

I paid for two renewals on the first of the month and at least one of them didn't auto renew. Please manually renew for me.

Thanks, -Rebecca

I applied your license extensions -- thanks for renewing!

thank you. Your turn around time rocks!