SpamAssassin configuration


On our production server, we dont have SpamAssassin configuration menu under "Services" section. So, we can not block some specific email sender for a specific domain.

On our developpement server, we have this option.

Spam Assassin and mail filtering options are shown everywhere as it's working but this menu option is not available.

Can you help to fix it please?

I installed from the automatic installation script.

Thanks in advance!



Howdy -- if you look in Email Messages -> Spam and Virus Scanning, what is "SpamAssassin client program" and "Server host for spamc" set to?

The client program is spamc and the server host is localhost

On the server that show the configuration menu, spamassassin client is the spamassassin standalone and on the server that dont show the configuration menu, clamc is used.

I tried to just select spamassassin standalone on the server where i want to show the option but i got an error message.

What error message did you receive when trying to select SpamAssassin standalone?

Here's the message i get:

The selected virus scanning command does not work : STDIN: noreply from clamd . ----------- SCAN SUMMARY ----------- Infected files: 0 Time: 0.000 sec (0 m 0 s)