Virtualmin "sysprep"


I am planning to build some VM templates featuring Virtualmin and was wondering if there is anything to watch out for with regards to instance uniqueness.

I know Virtualmin has an initial wizard that sets passwords and such, this is pretty sweet, but was wondering how I could go about resetting SSL certs (and which) and so on.

Any suggestions welcome!



Will your VM templates include any domains? If not, there should be nothing to worry about.

One more thing, sir. I'd like to customise some stuff beforehand, like make user@domain scheme default for emails and so on, but without triggering the initial wizard as I'd like to leave that to the user. Any way to achieve this?

You mean you wish the first-run wizard to appear after your template has been deployed, but still wish to make config changes before finalizing your template?

That can be easily done by first going through the wizard, then making your desired changes, and then editing the file /etc/webmin/virtual-server/config setting the entry wizard_run to =0. That will cause the wizard to re-appear the next time you access Virtualmin.

Fantastic, thanks for the help!