Postfix Problem


i have this problem. I need to use another server SMTP for send email. I have contact a company who provide me a server with IP / Login and password. I have set this data info >webmin>Server>Postfix Mail Server>SMTP Authentication And Encryption

I have set: Send outgoing mail via host------ i have set ip of server

SMTP login to outgoing mail host

Login and password.

I have set this date but not work.

How can i resolve my problem?

Thank you



Howdy -- you may want to take a look at the email logs in /var/log/mail.log when you're trying to relay emails.

If you're getting an error of some sort, it should show up in those logs.

However, it appears that you're using Virtualmin GPL there -- if you aren't using Virtualmin Pro, you'd want to use the Forums to obtain support.

We monitor those, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community!

When opening a new Forum thread, be sure to include whatever errors you discovered in your email logs.